Traditional Worship FAQ's

Service Times?

Our traditional service starts promptly at 11:00am.

Service Length?

The traditional service lasts roughly 45 minutes.

What is a "traditional" service?

This is a liturgical service where we celebrate the great sacraments of the church (Baptism, Communion, Etc). Our service typically has liturgy that is read, hymns that are sung, scripture reading from the lectionary and a sermon about one of these passages of scripture.

How do I participate in traditional worship?

Participation is not mandatory, but we invite everyone to participate with us in worship of our God. Our traditional worship gives our community an opportunity to truly worship together. There will be moments of call and response liturgy and prayers that are read aloud together with the whole church. We will have opportunities to raise our voices and sing together. Most weeks, we also have a time to share gratitude and prayer concerns.

How should I dress?

Wear whatever is comfortable for you. We have a diversity of dress styles in our traditional service. Some people prefer their “Sunday best”, but you will also find some in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. We are a beach city after all…

What about my kids?

Kid’s church takes place during our traditional service. When you enter the welcome center, a greeter can direct you to our Kid’s church check-in. In Kid’s church, your child will learn about God, sing songs and participate in fun activities.

Is there a nursery for my baby?

We do have a nursery that is available during our 11am service. We will care for your baby while you worship or if you need a place to get away because your baby decided to cry at the quietest moment, you are always welcome to hang out in our nursery. The nursery is available for your convenience.

Where do I enter the Church?

The doors in the photo below are located on the front of the building visible from the road. These doors will lead you into our welcome center where you will be greeted.

What about parking?

Parking is available all the way around the perimeter of the church. Handicap parking is available near the front entrance.